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General TSPC Questions





Kids 8 years and under


  • First Goal! - This is an introductory program, FREE! and parents who can skate are encouraged to get on the ice with your child.
  • Upon conclusion of the 4 week program, you will be directed to the appropriate skating school class.
  • Enroll in Skating School
    • Beach Babies - Parents get on the ice with child
    • Hockey Tot 1
    • Hockey Tot 2
  • Enroll in Mini - Mites Program
    • Prerequisite (Hockey Tot 1 and 2)
  • Once your child has approximately 1 year of skating experience in the above classes they may be ready for League play!

Kids 17 and Under


  • Enroll in Skating School
    • Hockey 1
    • Hockey 2
    • Hockey 3
  • Once your child has approximately 1 year of skating experience in the above classes they may be ready for League play!




​​​​​​​Adults 18 and older

Q: When are the start dates for the specific divisions?

A: Adult Hockey League season start dates vary depending on league and division. Please contact the Adult Hockey Director for specific league and division information.

Q: How do I get placed onto a team?

A: To get placed onto a team please complete and Interested Player Form or email the Adult Hockey Director (

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: Please contact Susie Harrison, Adult Hockey Director. or (310) 535-4401.





How long do we have for pizza & cake? 
Guests have one hour for pizza and cake. There is a viewing area for everyone to watch the skating, or parents can watch at the rink level. TSC will hold the presents until the party is finished. You will only have the party area for one hour. Please do not bring an ice cream cake, as TSC does not have a freezer to store it.  

What if I have more than 15 children? 
No problem! Confirm your guest count & food order the Monday before your party.  

How will the party helper assist the birthday parent?  
Your party helper will set-up the party area with tablecloth, balloons, & paper goods. She will also assist you with serving food & cake during your hour in the party area! Please encourage parents to stay to help you watch over the children.  

Can I bring my own paper goods? 
Paper goods and multi-color balloons are included with the Silver and Gold package  However, if your child would like a special theme, you are welcome to bring it along & the hostesses will set it up for you.  

Do adults have to pay?  
2 adult skating passes are free with the package! TSC does not charge for adults to watch their children skate. If adults would like to skate during the party, the rate is discounted $9.00. 

Can I bring my own food?  
TSC does not permit outside food or beverages, however we have a catering menu to order additional food. 

Who ties the ice skates?  
Please encourage parents to stay with their children to help with proper skate fitting and tying. Fitting the skates for the first time takes patience and time, as they do not feel like shoes. You may have to try a few sizes to get the right fit!  

Where can I keep valuables?  
TSC has quarter-operated lockers at rink level. The lockers are $0.75 each.

What time should I arrive?  
Please check-in at Guest Services 10 minutes before the start of your party. 

What should guests wear?  
The temperature at ice level is below freezing. Please dress for cold weather including long pants, jackets, socks, and gloves.  

Should guests wear helmets?  
Helmets are recommended. Guests are encouraged to bring a bike or rollerblading helmet from home. TSC does not have helmets for rent.  

What happens on the ice?  
Guests skate as part of the open ice skating session. If you have a lot of new skaters, you may reserve an ice skating helper for $30. The helper will teach the children basic skills, focusing on those who may be new to the ice. When the lesson is finished, the children can skate around the rink & have fun! An ice attendant monitors all guests on the ice. Parents are welcomed to skate with their children, watch the skating from the rink level or the viewing area.

What is included in the goody bags?  
Children will receive several small toys, depending on what is in stock. For example, bags may include a pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, stickers, silly straw, and fruit snacks.  In addition, there is a return skating pass, so the kids can skate again for free!  Gloves are passed out before the children skate! Gloves & goody bags can be added to any package for $6.00 per child.


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