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Private Ballet Lessons


For Private Lessons, we are excited to offer many coaches with various hockey backgrounds. You may contact our Ballet Instructors directly to inquire about private lessons. Rates are based on a 20 minute lesson. 

Please note, private lesson fees are paid directly to the Ballet Instructor. You will schedule lesson times directly with your instructor.  




BRIDGETTE VOROS MOLINA Bridgette is a Hungarian born ballet teacher, educated in Hungary and Switzerland. She has over 16 years experience working with figure skaters and various style of formal dancers. Bridgette specializes in teaching ballet movements to figure skaters of all levels. Her classes involve teaching ballet, jazz, stretching, conditioning, and choreography. Bridgette applies her teaching knowledge to off ice training that allows skaters to have graceful movement and better skating skills. She promotes a positive environment to help each student with their personal goals. Her motto is: Skate and Dance with your heart.